Submarino Card or Zencard Card: which is better?

With the diversity of cards on the market, we always have the doubt of which is the best option. But, in our comparison we will show which is the best between the Submarino card and the Zencard card. Check out!


Submarino x Zencard: find out which one to choose

Leia e decida qual o cartão é o melhor para você. Fonte: Adobe Stock.
Read on and decide which card is best for you. Source: Adobe Stock.

How about checking out a comparison between the Submarino card and the Zencard card? On the one hand, we have the Submarino card with a points program, a super limit for purchases and great promotions on the Submarino website. On the other side is the Zencard card with its exemption from credit analysis and great control of your finances. 

But what will be the best card? To stay on top of how these two products work, what are their advantages and disadvantages, you need to keep following this article until the end!

So, understand how to choose the best card.

How to apply for the Submarino card

The Submarino card is a great option for those who usually shop on this site, which is one of the biggest and best in the country's e-commerce business.

How to apply for the Zencard card

Do you want to know a facilitated credit card that serves you and facilitates your purchases? So, learn how to apply for the Zencard card.

Submarine CardZencard card
Minimum IncomeMinimum wagenot required
Annuity12x of R$15.7012x of R$7.90
BenefitsExclusive discounts, Points program, super limitExemption from credit analysis, ease of acquisition
Comparative characteristics between the Submarino card and the Zencard card

Submarine Card

Many people already know this company and are aware of the great credibility that Submarino has built in the technology segment since its foundation in 1999. In addition, Banco Cetelem is the financial institution responsible for issuing the Submarino card.

But is the Submarino card really good compared to its competitors? Well, that's what we're going to find out in this article.

In short, it is available under the Mastercard brand, the request and control can be done through the app, requires proof of income and performs a credit analysis.

Follow this text and learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the Submarino card!

Zencard card

Zencard aims to reach an audience a little different from the Submarino card, because the Zencard card It's a prepaid credit card, meaning you only use what's in your account.

This prepaid card model is becoming more and more famous both because of its very simple operating dynamics and for its practicality. 

That's because with it you don't need to carry 1 real in your pocket, as you can deposit all your income on the card and use it daily.

Another point (and this must be the main reason for its success) is the fact that the Zencard card does not require analysis of the CPF via SPC and Serasa. Thus, it is possible for negatives to have access to credit.

Discover, below, the main advantages and disadvantages of the Zencard card!

What are the advantages of the Submarino card?

Afinal, quais as vantagens do cartão? Fonte: Pexels.
After all, what are the advantages of the card? Source: Pexels.

One of the main advantages of the Submarino card is its flag. Mastercard, a payment management company that has operated virtually around the world for over 40 years, is the flagship card. 

With all this background, Mastercard offers Submarino customers:

  • 24-hour emergency service;
  • Points accumulation program;
  • Purchase protection insurance: guarantee against theft and damage;
  • Price protection insurance: lowest price guarantee;
  • Security and flexibility in payments.

In addition, another feature is that you can easily apply for your card via the Banco Cetelem app for iOS and Android. Therefore, through the app it is very simple to follow transactions and balances in real time.

Among the advantages of this card, we can focus on the main ones, which are:

  • Super limit on Submarino purchases;
  • Exclusive discounts in the online store;
  • Points program.

Although there are not many advantages, it is worth analyzing whether this product is worth it, because suddenly you can enjoy a good promotion with it.

What are the advantages of the Zencard card?

There are some very interesting advantages at Zencard, such as international coverage, which in the case of this comparison is a differential. In addition, the holder has access to a digital account with some essential functions for any card, even if some are paid.

Another feature is the fact that it is a prepaid card. That's because negatives can have access to credit and the guarantee that they won't have debts from that card.

The Zencard card comes under the Mastercard brand, that is, the same as the competitor mentioned above. However, there is a difference in it, as this time we have international coverage.

In this way, Zencard has the same brand benefits that we mentioned above, added to the reach of more than 30 million establishments worldwide.

It should be noted that this card does not require a credit analysis, so approval is usually very quick and online. To request your Zencard, just enter the official website and look for the button “Order your card” in the upper left corner. You can also download the app.

After that, just fill in the necessary data, pay the card acquisition fee and wait for delivery to your address.

What are the disadvantages of the Submarino card?

Afinal, quais as desvantagens? Fonte: Pexels.
After all, what are the disadvantages? Source: Pexels.

With regard to the disadvantages of the Submarino card, the first is the high annual fee and withdrawal fee that card issuers charge. Right after that, another negative point is the only national coverage. Third, we have a long waiting time until the result of the CPF analysis is released.

In addition, to apply for the card, proof of income of at least one minimum wage and approval of the CPF analysis via SPC and Serasa are required.

Another important point is that there is no exact deadline for the credit analysis, so it may or may not be time consuming. But keep in mind that each CPF has its particularities. So, some analyzes last longer, while other analyzes last much less

When we talk about fees and annuities on the submarine card, the news is not so good, because it has an annuity and does not have an exemption policy.

Check below the annuity values, as well as the card fees:

  • Annuity: 12 installments of R$15.70 or R$188.40;
  • Issuance of the 2nd copy of the card: R$22.00;
  • Interest rate on installments: 0.99% per month + IOF;
  • Withdrawal at Banco24Horas: R$13.90;
  • Interest rate on personal loan: up to 15,99%.

Finally, the coverage of the Submarino card is national, a point that leaves a lot to be desired, since several competitors already offer international coverage.

What are the disadvantages of the Zencard card?

There isn't really a single downside to Zencard, but rather a multiple of downsides with regard to the amount of fees this card charges. For any essential service it is necessary to pay and this frustrates users a lot. 

Therefore, in relation to the annuity charge (monthly fee) and the fees of the respective card, the following is charged:  

  • Card acquisition: R$19.90;
  • Card recharge at the lottery: R$4.00;
  • Top up on the card by payment slip: R$3.00;
  • Monthly fee: R$7.90;
  • Serve: R$6.90;
  • Transfer between prepaid cards: R$1.50;
  • Transfer between cards via Internet Banking: free of charge;
  • 2nd copy of the card: R$19.90;
  • DOC and TED: R$8,90.

In addition to these fees, there are some others that come with the card, because the Zencard is coupled with a digital account and these digital accounts. This account, in turn, has some paid services.

Are they:

  • Boleto generation: R$3.90;
  • Deposit via lottery: R$4.00;
  • Lottery withdrawal: R$5.90.

Submarino Card or Zencard Card: which one to choose?

Comparing the best option between the Submarino card and the Zencard card, on the one hand, we have a card with limited reach and, on the other, a product in which most of the basic services require fees to function. On the other hand, you can take advantage of great promotions with Submarino and credit for bad debts with Zencard.

It is up to the consumer to understand which one best fits their profile, because in both we have pros and cons that influence their financial life.

You've come this far but still not convinced that the Submarino card or the Zencard card are one of the best options for your financial profile? Don't worry, as we separate comparisons of other cards available on the market that may interest you.

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