Nationals that are not needed: The 10 worst cars produced in Brazil


Cars awaken a natural passion in many people and this can be a problem, as it leads many people to think with emotion and not with reason. The fact of being passionate has made many people buy the worst cars produced in Brazil.

Although passionate, the Brazilian consumer is also demanding. One Exam magazine article has shown for years that automakers are preparing to serve increasingly demanding customers. 

Piores carros produzidos no Brasil

In crisis times a lot of people can end up selling their car and buying a used car as a way to keep their bills up to date, but for that, some precautions must be taken. 

As a way to refresh the memory of many people and avoid bad changes, we at Senhor Carros made a list of the 10 worst national cars ever produced. 

To find out what they are, just continue reading today's article!

The 10 worst cars produced in Brazil

Find out now which are the 10 worst cars produced in Brazil.

10. Fiat Marea

Yes! The Marea will be on every list of bad cars. The model is unanimous when it comes to a troubled car and unfortunately the model justifies this horrible fame. 

The main discrepancy in quality is the need to completely remove the engine in order to change a simple timing belt. But the problems don't stop there.

Fiat Marea
Fiat Marea

The models and versions of Marea had some unacceptable design errors. In other words, FIAT treated him like a true Frankenstein. 

A classic example of this is the 2005 model that had a 2.4 engine of 160 horsepower and an automatic transmission with only 4 gears. Also, the Marea is known for explosions and fire under the hood. 

Without a doubt, it is a model that deserves to be on our list. 

9. Fiat Tipo

In ninth position we have another vehicle from the Italian automaker that became famous for its poor quality. 

Just like Marea, Tipo had its image tarnished by cases of fire. A problem with the steering hydraulic system hoses caused a flammable liquid to be dumped into the engine. 

The Result: Fire! Have you ever thought you were driving and the car started to catch fire? It doesn't work, right?

Fiat Tipo
Fiat Tipo

The Tipo was launched in 1988 and until 1991 it had a number of engine and power options. There was even a diesel-powered model. 

In 1993 the Tipo underwent a facelift and even got a three-door version (long before the Veloster). In 1994 the model received safety improvements, until get out of line in 1995, being replaced by Bravo. 

To this day, the Tipo is seen as one of the worst cars produced here. Therefore, you must avoid it at all costs.

8. Fiat Freemont

No. This list doesn't just have Fiat cars. But Freemont is one more case that needs to be cited. Especially the older models. 

Although it is a large car with plenty of space, being a great option for families, it is yet another example of the worst Brazilian cars. 

Fiat Freemont
Fiat Freemont

Very similar to the Dodge Journey when launched, it had an automatic transmission option with only 4 gears. Something that ended its performance and increased the already high fuel consumption.

If you really like the design and the space of the Fiat Freemont is attractive to you, our suggestion is that you look for the newer versions that have undergone improvements in exchange rate, consumption and power. 

Otherwise, the chances of you getting angry and becoming a partner at gas stations are great.

7. Trolling Pantanal

In addition to being bad, Troller Pantanal is unknown to many people due to its low number of sales. Only 77 units were sold, a real shame. 

Troller Pantanal
Pantanal Troller

The Modelo was produced during the years 2006 and 2008 and underwent a recall for the simple fact that its structure could fall apart from one hour to another while walking. 

Today the models are sold at VERY cheap prices, but don't fall into temptation. If you come across a Pantanal Troller for sale you just have to run away. 

6. Hyundai Veloster

Here we have an example that caused a lot of confusion and suffered heavy criticism from the specialized media at the time it was still being sold. 

The Veloster was beautiful and had good interior and exterior finish. However, it was called by the sports car manufacturer. 

Hyundai Veloster
Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai announced that the engine had 140 horsepower when in fact it had “only” 128. Many owners felt aggrieved and sued the automaker, who had to pay a fine for false advertising. 

The lack of engine power combined with the scandal made the model one of the worst cars produced in Brazil. After all, no one likes to be deceived.

5. Lada Laika

The Laika arrived in Brazil in the early 1990s and had mechanical reliability as its high point. In addition, rear-wheel drive made the model an interesting and fun option to drive.

Lada Laika
Lada Laika

However, although it was produced in Brazil, the model was developed with technology to run with pure gasoline, just as it was in Russia in his home country. Around here, gasoline was diluted with ethanol and that ended the Laika's performance. 

4. Peugeot Hoggar

Peugeot Hoggar is another chronic example of a bad car manufactured in Brazil. 

The small pickup was produced to fight with Montana, Saveiro and Strada. Being the last two leaders in the segment. 

Peugeot Hoggar
peugeot house

Without any kind of previous experience in the small pickup segment, Hoggar proved to be weak and with high fuel consumption when the bucket was loaded. 

In addition, many examples suffer early wear in the suspension. Which increases the owner's expenses with maintenance much before what is considered ideal. That's why it's a model with a captive place on our list. 

3. Citroen Xantia

Much of the fear that Brazilians have with Citroen cars comes from ancient times and the Xantia has its share of blame for that. 

The Xantia was considered a car ahead of its time when it was produced. With a wide range of standard items, it was even pleasing at first. But if their owners needed specialized labor, they were literally lost.

Citroen Xantia
Citroen Xantia

With high technology for the time and sophisticated components, few knew how to work with their electrical and hydraulic systems. And that made any kind of repair a fortune! 

In addition, its engines were weak for the time when compared to national competitors already consolidated, such as Volkswagen and Chevrolet, for example. 

2. Simca Chambord

Simca was a French automaker that produced cars in Brazil between the 50s and 60s. 

The automaker wanted to bring vehicles with American lines to Brazilians and it succeeded! At least in terms of visuals. 

Simca Chambord
Simca Chambord

The Simca Chambord that even won music was beautiful and spacious but it didn't move at all. The model that was heavy had a V8 engine under the hood with a measly 80 horsepower that was insufficient to push on the streets and roads. 

Nowadays even collectors run away from the Simca Chambord and consider it one of the worst cars ever produced in national lands 

1. Gurgel BR 800

And as it couldn't be missing, we also have Gurgel. 

Launched in 1987, the Gurgel BR 800 had a laudable proposal: to be a cheap, popular and national 100% model. 

At the time, the goal was to make the model cost no more than $3,000. But due to a series of tax problems, the model ended up being launched at an average of 7 thousand dollars. 

Gurgel BR 800
Gurgel BR 800

Nicknamed From ugly to today, the model ran an incredible 25 km per liter, had no belts and had water cooling. However, it did not take off in sales. 

Its performance was poor and its price was very similar to that of competitors at the time, such as the Uno Mille. Thus, the BR 800 is considered by many to this day as one of the worst cars produced in Brazil. 


Now we want to know your opinion. Do you agree or disagree with our list? Leave a comment telling your reasons. 

After getting to know the worst cars produced in Brazil, how about getting to know rare models produced here that you didn't even know existed? To find out what they are, just click the button below.

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