Discover the PicPay personal loan

Get to know the Picpay personal loan and see if this loan is what you need right now! Ah, he has unique conditions! Check out!


PicPay personal loan

Conheça o empréstimo pessoal PicPay Imagem: Tudo celular
Get to know the PicPay personal loan Image: All mobile

So, the PicPay personal loan is a type of loan for those looking for quick cash to help when paying bills, recharging their cell phones or for any other reason! And in addition, it has deadlines chosen by you at the time of hiring!

So read on to find out what this loan has to offer! Check out!

How to apply for the PicPay loan

Do you want to learn how to apply for a Picpay personal loan with a quick and secure release? Then continue reading to learn the step by step!

How does the PicPay personal loan work?

Conheça o empréstimo pessoal PicPay Imagem: Geek Blog
Get to know the PicPay personal loan Image: Geek Blog

Well, the PicPay loan works through the application itself. That's because, you can make the request in the app itself!

So, it is a credit line aimed at fintech partners, such as Banco Original. And in addition, PicPay always informs about the expiration of the installments through e-mail and cell phone notifications.

Also, the payment of installments can be made directly in the PicPay app until 7 pm on a working day, making it a great option to get quick money with all the security you need!

Therefore, PicPay is what you need if you are looking for a safe, fast loan full of exclusive conditions!

What is the PicPay personal loan limit?

So, the Picpay personal loan limit is around R$15000, making it an ideal loan for those looking for low amounts with quick release!

Is PicPay personal loan worth it?

Well let's know the advantages and disadvantages of this loan! So check it out!


So, one of the first advantages of this loan is the fact that you can do a simulation using PicPay to find out how much the number of installments will be, as well as the amounts offered, varying according to the profile and financial history of each client.

And in addition, you can also choose the date of payment of the first installment, as well as, you can choose the number of installments and the loan amount will be deposited in the PicPay account in up to one hour! Super fast isn't it?

Finally, you can register directly through the PicPay app! Therefore, the PicPay loan brings several unmissable advantages to customers!


So, the biggest disadvantage of the PicPay personal loan is the amounts that cannot exceed 15,000 and, they need to be above R$100.

How to make a PicPay personal loan?

Conheça o empréstimo pessoal PicPay Imagem: Azullis
Get to know the PicPay personal loan Image: Azullis

So, to make the loan is very simple! That's because, just install the PicPay app available for Android and iOS! Then, just fill in the request with your personal data and wait for the credit analysis that lasts a few minutes!

How to apply for the PicPay loan

Do you want to learn how to apply for a Picpay personal loan with a quick and secure release? Then continue reading to learn the step by step!

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