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Bolsa Família who is entitled? Find out here!

Bolsa Familia has undergone some changes. In fact, you can receive more than half the minimum wage. Check all the information and see if you are entitled to the benefit.


Check if you are entitled and how to register to receive the aid

Veja as novidades do Bolsa Família. Fonte: Freepik/Governo Federal
See the news of Bolsa Familia. Source: Freepik/Federal Government

Bolsa Família is a benefit that has existed for many years in Brazil and some changes are being made now in 2023. Therefore, you should read this article and understand who is entitled to the benefit.

The value can be changed, making families, entitled to Bolsa Família, able to have more financial conditions, which can improve the quality of life of children.

Toda a família reunida

See all about Bolsa Familia

To fully understand Bolsa Família and understand the program once and for all, just click here.

In addition to explaining who is entitled to Bolsa Família, in this post you will understand how it works and the right way to register, based on understanding all the criteria.

So, if you want to see the new value of Bolsa Família and also know how to check to see if you can already participate in the program and the step by step to withdraw, just keep reading.

How does Bolsa Familia work?

O Bolsa Família vai funcionar assim neste ano. Fonte: Freepik
This is how Bolsa Família will work this year. Source: Freepik

First of all, understand that Bolsa Família is the best option for those who are in a time of great financial difficulty.

The program works in a very simple way, it pays an amount to families that are in social vulnerability.

Fazendo o CadÚnico

Step by step to register

See how to complete the Single Registration, a requirement to be able to receive Bolsa Família, check out the documents and the right way to register.

The amount is used to pay household bills, children's expenses or anything else the family decides.

After all, who is entitled to Bolsa Família? That's what the next topic explains. So keep reading to find your answers.

Bolsa Família who is entitled?

This is the biggest confusion about Bolsa Família, the requirements are simple and easy to understand. Pay attention to this thread!

As previously explained, only people with low income can receive Bolsa Família. 

After all, how low should the income be? Half minimum wage? A minimum wage?

Well, the rules were updated in 2023. From now on, families who will receive Bolsa Família must prove an income below R$ 218.00 per person in the household.

It sounds complicated, but it's not. Add up the income of the people in your household. Then, divide the value you found by the number of people. Was the value below R$ 218.00? 

If so, you can now seek your right and be able to receive the amount as a cost allowance.

What happens if the income exceeds the mentioned amount? Well, in that case, the family is unfortunately not entitled to aid from the Federal Government. 

However, the requirements to participate in the program are not just these. 

If there are children and teenagers (4 to 17 years old) in the house, they must attend school regularly.

In addition, all medical care for children must be carried out, always keeping vaccines up to date and going to the doctor when necessary.

In the case of pregnant women, prenatal care is mandatory, preserving the health of both the baby and the woman.

Finally, you must have completed the Single Registry, later on, its importance will be explained.

What is the value of this government benefit?

It is likely that the value of the Bolsa Família is where the most changes took place. From now on, those entitled to Bolsa Família can receive R$ 600.00. 

This is a great amount, which will certainly make a total difference in the lives of many. However, the changes do not end there!

If there are children aged up to 6 years old, there will be an addition of R$ 150.00. On the other hand, if the age ranges from 7 to 17 years, R$ rises to 50.00.

In this way, the value that families receive can be very useful, completely changing the situation of the family.

How to apply for Bolsa Familia?

Did you do the math and see that you are entitled to Bolsa Família? Great! Here you see everything you need to do to get the money.

First comes the registration, which is carried out through the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS). 

The Cadastro Único is done in this place, it is through this that families are selected to receive the money.

Bring the following documents to apply correctly:

  • CPF;
  • RG;
  • Birth certificate; 
  • Proof of address;
  • Workbook.

By the way, the identification documents (the first 3) must belong to everyone in your household. 

Thus, the Cadastro Único system identifies who is entitled to Bolsa Família, as income is the main requirement.

Following this step you will register. Remember to update it at least once a year.

How to check the benefit?

Even those who are entitled to Bolsa Família cannot receive the money automatically, as there are many families that need the money. In this way, learning the query is fundamental. 

The first way to consult it is by going to the CRAS, they will search the system for you. Thus, they can pass on the information contained in the platform.

On the other hand, you can call the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance (MDS) at 121.

In addition, on the MDS website, you can complete an electronic form. In a few days, the answer about the status of your benefit will be sent.

However, the easiest way is through the Bolsa Família application, where the answer comes immediately. You can find it in your phone's app store.

How to withdraw Bolsa Familia?

O Bolsa Família vai ajudar muito em sua casa. Fonte: Freepik
Bolsa Família will help a lot in your home. Source: Freepik

The Bolsa Família benefit will always be paid by Caixa Econômica. There is a card for payment.

This is called Bolsa Família Card, which is sent to your residence. There is a number you can call to find out about it: 0800 726 02 07.

Need to create a password to use the card. Well, when he arrives, go to the nearest agency. At the ATM you will create your password.

Memorize the password and don't forget it! Yeah, you'll use the card every month to receive. 

So, just go to a Caixa or Lotérica branch. That way, you can withdraw money without any problems.

Some care can be taken to withdraw the money, for example, not giving it to children and always keeping it in your wallet.

For more information about Bolsa Família, just access the post below.

Estudos em família

See more about Bolsa Familia

There is other important information about Bolsa Família, check them all out!

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