How to apply for an Activo Bank card

Do you know the Activo Bank card? It waives the annual fee, has a points and cashback program and other advantages. See how to get it!


Active Bank Card

Activo Bank
Asset Bank

The Activo Bank card is an option that belongs to a Portuguese fintech. However, it offers, in addition to credit and debit options, a digital account. Also, today, learn how to apply for it.


Credit card

Asset Bank

International Visa

ZERO annuity, with an exclusive cashback program, in addition to other benefits!

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Step by step on how to apply for the Activo Bank card

Passo a passo de como solicitar
Step by step on how to apply

First, there are several ways to apply for the card! So, see below how to apply and enjoy all the benefits.

Order online

First, you can apply for the card on the website of the Portuguese financial institution. For this, enter the fintech page. Then, in the menu at the top of the screen, click on “Cards” and then on “Credit Card”.

Then click on “Order yours”. There will be a page redirect, please wait. However, if you already have an Activo Bank account, login with your code and password.

However, otherwise, click on “Open Account”, a process that takes only 15 minutes. With the account open, within internet banking, ask for your credit card.

Request via phone

Likewise, you can request your Activo Bank card over the phone. However, just call the telephone switchboard.

However, it is available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 10pm, considering the Portuguese time zone, of course. So look at the number:

  • 210 030 700.

Therefore, within the same hours you can request assistance via Skype, whose contact is Activo Bank Simplifica.

Request by app

Finally, you can also apply for your card through the institution's application. To do this, download and install the app. Then log in or click “Open Account”.

Then, with the account open and the login done, look for the Cards option in the menu. Then request yours and wait for the answer!

PicPay card or Activo Bank: which one to choose?

Cartão PicPay ou cartão Activo Bank: qual escolher?
PicPay card or Activo Bank card: which one to choose?

Still in doubt about which card to order? So, be sure to check the table below. In this way, you compare the Activo Bank card with another very popular option, the PicPay Card:

PicPay CardAsset Bank
Minimum IncomeR$ 800not informed
BenefitsExclusive promotions and discounts, Cashback at establishments, Mastercard Surprise programPromotions at partner establishments, cashback, Activo+ program,

How to apply for the picpay card

The PicPay credit card is a product PicPay is a fintech created in 2012 in Vitória, Espírito Santo. See more here!

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