How to apply for the Payroll Brazil Aid loan

It already has several financial institutions confirmed to offer the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan, such as Meu Tudo. Check out in this post how the loan application process will work.


See how to apply for credit with interest from 3,39% per month

Saiba como pode funcionar a solicitação online, por telefone e por aplicativo! Fonte: Unsplash.
Find out how online, phone and app requests can work! Source: Unsplash.

The Auxílio Brasil payroll loan is a new line of credit that allows access to credit to a part of the population that previously could not access this service.

In this way, families in extreme poverty who receive the benefit will be able to take out a loan and thus use the amount to meet emergencies.

Minimum Incomenot informed
Interest rateFrom 3,39% per month
Deadline to payUp to 24 months
release periodUninformed
loan amountFrom R$ 200.00
Do you accept negatives?Uninformed
Benefitsmore accessible credit
Lowest rates on the market
Check out the main features of this Meu Tudo loan

Payroll loan

My everything

great deadline reduced interest

Credit above R$ 200.00 with interest from 3.39% per month to be paid in up to 24 installments.

You will be redirected to another website

Namely, the line will be made available by 60 financial institutions by the beginning of September. Among them, Meu Tudo. So, if you want to prepare and already know how to apply, just follow this post!

Order online

In summary, most institutions that have confirmed that they will offer the line of credit allow you to take out payroll loans online.

Therefore, to make the request, you just need to access the official website of the institution and do a credit simulation. That way, you know the value of the installments and interest that will be applied.

At the end, ask to request or register and send your personal data and those related to your benefit.

In this way, the financial institution will analyze the data and continue informing about its approval. So, if approved, just sign the contract for the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan and wait for the credit to be released in your account.

However, it is important to mention that Meu Tudo, like other institutions, is only pre-registering interested parties, since the provisional measure that released this type of credit has not yet established the release date of the loan.

Request via phone

Somente algumas instituições oferecem contratação pelo telefone. Fonte: Pexels.
Only a few institutions offer hiring over the phone. Source: Pexels.

As much as it is possible to take out loans over the phone, it is important to consider that not all institutions work with this channel.

This is the case with Meu Tudo, since in order to request pre-registration, you need to access the official website or the app and fill out the form available.

Request by app

Finally, some of the financial institutions allow you to apply for the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan from their applications. 

For this, Meu Tudo offers an app that can be installed on both Android and iOS systems. Then, just locate the loan and pre-register, as described in the topic above.

How to apply for Brazil Aid?

Veja como você consegue se tornar um beneficiário do Auxílio Brasil! Fonte: Pexels.
See how you can become a beneficiary of Auxílio Brasil! Source: Pexels.

In summary, the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan is an option for those who receive assistance to be able to access credit and, thus, use the money in case of unforeseen circumstances.

So, if you liked this loan model, but still don't have the Brazil Aid, then check out in the post below how you can get into the program.

How to apply for Assistance Brazil

Check here the step by step to receive this benefit and enjoy its advantages.

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