How to apply for the Americanas card in a simple way

In this quick article, you will find out exactly how to order your Americanas card in a practical way.


Order your card today

Request your Americanas card and have access to all the advantages provided by the card.

The Lojas Americanas card has Banco Cetelem as a partner company. Then, the card will be issued by the bank and your application will also be analyzed by the same.

You can use the card, because it has the Visa or Mastercard flag, in basically all establishments and stores in Brazil.

This is a very positive point, since, in Brazil, many stores, if not all, accept these flags.

Lojas Americanas, being very old and traditional, has a high credibility. Therefore, if you buy products frequently at Americanas, consider getting the card, as it brings you many benefits in the store.

Finally, the card can only be used in national territory. Therefore, international purchases cannot be made.

Before continuing reading the article, do you already know all the benefits of the card? If not, read the last article and get to know the card.

What are the minimum requirements?

There are very few requirements that are needed for creating the card.

First, if you want to create your Americanas card, you must be at least 18 years old.

Also, you must earn a minimum income, that is, a minimum wage.

Since the minimum wage is currently worth R$1,045.00 reais, you need to earn at least this amount to continue applying for the card.

Apply for Americanas Card online

First of all, know that the card application process is very simple and unbureaucratic. So rest assured!

First, enter the official website of Lojas Americanas and, after that, register and enter your personal data.

The company will ask for the following data: CPF; date of birth; name.

After that, click on “Agree to terms of contract” and then continue with the application process.

After applying for the card, your order will be subject to a credit review. Therefore, Banco Cetelem will review your history as a consumer.

If your order is accepted, a confirmation message will be sent via email. 

After receiving the message, fill in the data (identification document with photo) that will be requested and then wait for the card to arrive. 

Apply for Americanas Card over the phone

Currently, due to the advancement of the internet, it will no longer be possible to order the card over the internet.

However, if you have any questions about the card or about other aspects of Lojas Americanas, please contact the numbers provided by the company itself:

  • Capital and metropolitan regions: 4004-7990.
  • Other locations: 0800-704-1166.

If you want to contact Banco Cetelem, you can send a message to their email, which is: [email protected]

Get the app Americanas Card

If you want, download the Lojas Americanas app, which is available both on Google Play and the App Store.

With it, you have access to several advantages and benefits.

You will be notified when there are benefits and discounts in the store.

Also, you'll find all the products available in the store, and you can even buy them.


Credit card


Visa prepaid

One-off discounts in the envy AME points accumulation program

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If you've come this far, but you're still not convinced that the Americanas card is for you, no problem. Our team has compared all available cards, and based on feedback from our readers, has chosen an additional recommendation for you. Check this option below and compare it with the Americanas card. I'm sure you'll know which option to choose.

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