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Ask for a credit card: which are the best banks in the world

Do you want to open an account but don't know which one to choose from the different options on the market? Don't worry, because in this content you will get to know the best banks in the world and you will be able to choose yours.


Open your account and apply for your card at the best bank in the world

Afinal, qual o melhor banco do mundo? Fonte: Adobe Stock.
After all, which is the best bank in the world? Source: Adobe Stock.

In today's content Mr. Panda will show you which are the best banks in the world. Therefore, the first of them, despite not being officially in Brazil, already has a waiting list of more than 200,000 people who will participate in a selection to test its application in the first half of 2022.

So, that's right, Forbes made a selection and announced the best bank in the world in terms of financial experience for its users. But we don't have options just outside our country. Thus, we will see in this content the best options that we can already find in our market.

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What is the best bank in the world?

Forbes is one of the world's leading business and economic magazines. Therefore, the news and assessments that are published in it are of great authority.

In this sense, the magazine recently elected the Bank N26 account as the best bank account in the world. So this is the account we're going to talk about now!

Bank N26 

O banco N26 já conta com uma lista de espera para sua chegada no Brasil. Fonte: N26.
Banco N26 already has a waiting list for its arrival in Brazil. Source: N26.

Therefore, the bank N26 was founded in Germany and has already expanded to more than 25 countries around the world. In addition, it has currently started to move to Brazilian territory. Therefore, it will not be strange if, in a few years, customers from other Brazilian banks migrate to the N26 bank! 

digital account

The N26 Bank account was voted the best account worldwide. Therefore, in addition to the free opening fee, no fees are charged. Also, it is worth remembering that account opening can be done online 100% and it only takes about 8 minutes to open the account.

However, the N26 is not yet available to Brazilians, and is still in the testing phase. Thus, to gain access to the account it is necessary to enter a queue.

open rate Exempt
minimum income not informed
rates Zero tariffs in the basic version
credit card Yes
Debit card Yes
BenefitsNo opening and maintenance fees
account features

credit card

Despite being under analysis for Brazil, see some of the features of the credit card offered by the N26 bank. In addition, we remind you that the card application is 100% online, made through the bank's website or even through the application.

Annuitynot informed
minimum incomenot informed
BenefitsInternational coverage and low fees
card features

Which are the best banks in the world: 2021 iBest Award

Confira a lista eleita pelo Prêmio iBest 2021 dos melhores bancos do mundo. Fonte: iBest.
Check out the list elected by the 2021 iBest Award of the best banks in the world. Source: iBest.

In addition to N26 elected by Forbes, iBest launched in 2021, a list talking about the best banks in the world. Therefore, it was based on several aspects that take into account the account, the card and all services as a whole.

Therefore, this list will show some of the main banks in the world and the main features of their accounts and cards available to users.

Bank of Brazil

Therefore, better known as BB, the Banco do Brasil account is one of the best known in the country. In addition, unlike some traditional banks, Banco do Brasil has been updating and has already launched a digital account.

Therefore, as a BB customer, we can apply for a credit card and have access to all the advantages offered by the bank.

AnnuityNo annuity
minimum incomeUninformed
BenefitsCashback and BB benefits

How to Apply for a Bank of America Credit Card

Visa card with wide international coverage, cashback and several other benefits.

Mercado Pago

We will now see about Mercado Pago. Therefore, the bank has a free and digital account where we can apply for the 100% credit card online. In addition, there is no annual fee and the card arrives in a few days at the applicant's address.

Annuityzero annuity
minimum incomenot required
BenefitsLittle bureaucracy and quick approval

How to apply for Mercado Pago card

ZERO annuity, wide international coverage, Mastercard brand.


O Nubank é um dos melhores bancos do mundo e já conta com clientes espalhados por todo o Brasil. Fonte: Nubank.
Nubank is one of the best banks in the world and already has customers all over Brazil. Source: Nubank.

Another option is Nubank. Therefore, considered one of the best banks in the world, Nubank is a Brazilian startup. Therefore, it now has thousands of customers throughout Brazil. In addition, it offers an Ultravioleta credit card with no annual fee and 100% online.

minimum incomeNo minimum income required
BenefitsCashback and exclusive discounts

How to apply for Nubank card

ZERO annual fee, international coverage, online 100% application.


So let's look at Inter now. Therefore, Banco Inter is totally Brazilian and offers several credit cards to customers, some with no annuity and others with an annuity. However, what is important are the advantages that all of them offer, such as the 100% request online.

Annuityzero annuity
minimum incomeNo minimum income required
BenefitsCashback and additional cards

How to apply for Inter credit card

ZERO annuity, cashback and international coverage.


O PagBank oferece um serviço 100% online e gratuito. Fonte: PagBank.
PagBank offers a free online 100% service. Source: PagBank.

The Pagbank card is a service offered by Banco PagSeguro. In addition, it is a Brazilian bank that has thousands of customers and users of the famous vending machine. Therefore, all customers can go to the website and order 100% credit card online.

Annuityzero annuity
minimum incomeNo minimum income required
BenefitsCashback and Vai de Visa benefits

How to apply for PagBank card

ZERO annuity, international, Visa brand, cashback.

C6 Bank

In addition, also considered one of the best banks in the world is C6 Bank. Therefore, C6 Bank is fully digital, with no opening fee and with several card options for its customers. Therefore, the credit card is requested online 100%, quickly and safely, without bureaucracy.

Annuityzero annuity
minimum incomeUninformed
BenefitsFidelity program

How to apply for C6 Bank card

ZERO annuity, Mastercard brand, loyalty program


Banco Next, conta digital brasileira com cartão de crédito zero anuidade e cobertura internacional. Fonte: Next.
Banco Next, Brazilian digital account with zero annuity credit card and international coverage. Source: Next.

Therefore, Next is a Brazilian digital account that has gained a lot of recognition in recent years. In addition, offering credit and debit cards, each with its values. That is, the cards can be requested through the app, without complications and with maximum ease.

Annuityzero annuity
minimum incomeUninformed
BenefitsDiscounts at partner establishments

How to apply for the Next card

ZERO annuity, Visa brand, international coverage.


Therefore, BMG is a Brazilian bank that does not charge any kind of opening fee or minimum income to open an account. In addition, the credit card can be applied for completely online, through the BMG app or website.

Annuityzero annuity
minimum incomeNo minimum income required
BenefitsZero annuity, available for negatives and international coverage

How to apply for the BMG card

ZERO annuity and extensive international coverage with the Mastercard brand.

Original Bank

Being fully Brazilian, the Banco Original account is 100% online, as well as the credit card application. In addition, your credit card has no annual fee, no membership or administration fee.

minimum incomeNo minimum income required
BenefitsMiles and cashback program

How to apply for a Banco Original card

ZERO annuity, miles program and cashback.


In addition, founded in 1999, Agibank is entirely Brazilian and was born in the city of Porto Alegre, today it serves thousands of customers throughout Brazil without requiring a minimum income. Therefore, the bank offers a variety of credit cards with 100% request online!

AnnuityFree for the first 12 months (R$4.90)
minimum incomeNo minimum income required
BenefitsAdditional and international cards

How to apply for Agibank card

Card with international coverage, no income requirement.

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