Famous investors: 15 Brazilian celebrities who invest their money

Do you know where Brazilian celebrities invest their money? So, read this post and check out our list of famous investors.


See how celebrities spend their money

Afinal, onde as celebridades brasileiras investem o seu dinheiro? Fonte: Pexels.
After all, where do Brazilian celebrities invest their money? Source: Pexels.

For some time now, talking about investment is no longer a seven-headed thing thanks to the excellent work of youtubers like Natália Arcuri, from the Me Poupe! channel, and Thiago Nigro, from Cousin Rico.

With this, information on where Brazilian celebrities invest their money began to circulate more frequently, with a view to democratizing the subject.

If you are curious to know more about where the famous people's money is, then be sure to read our text. For sure, you will like it!

Check out the 15 Brazilian celebrities invest their money

Conheça as celebridades que investem dinheiro. Fonte: Pexels.
Meet celebrities who invest money. Source: Pexels.

1. Thelma Assis

Jokes aside, if there was something that united Brazil in the midst of a pandemic, it was Big Brother Brasil 20. No wonder, the program even recorded its name in the Guinness Book for having received the highest number of votes from the public thanks to a wall that received the impressive mark of 1.5 billion.

With that, Brazil stopped to watch the final that crowned Thelma Assis as champion of the program. Naturally, as soon as she received the prize of 1.5 million reais, the newest millionaire in the area received several proposals for partnerships with brokers, among them Rico Investimentos, which will help you in your first steps.

With this partnership, Thelma will show her journey, which will start with opening an account at the brokerage, evaluating her profile as an investor, and choosing the best product options. For now, your prize is very well guarded and invested, thank you!

2. Xuxa

The eternal Queen of Baixinhos, Xuxa is a Brazilian presenter, actress and singer, who was very successful presenting children's programs. But not only this! For those who don't know, she is also an excellent businesswoman and knows very well where to invest her money.

In 1982, the presenter founded the company Xuxa Produções, which takes care of her trademark and holds, with exclusivity, the commercialization rights to use her image. In addition, Xuxa also controls six other companies, including its 50% partnership of shares in the network of laser hair removal companies, Espaçolaser, and Shine Car, an imported car dealership.

3. Roberto Justus

Known by the general public thanks to its reality show “The Apprentice“, in which candidates competed for a contract in a company, Roberto Justus was already an advertising personality long before that. Behind the cameras, he commanded some of the most important advertising agencies in Brazil.

Roberto Justus was chairman of the Newcomm Group, holding company for agencies Y&R, Gray Brasil, Wunderman, VML and Red Fuse and the company Ação Premedia e Tecnologia. Currently, the businessman is a partner in a real estate complex in Belo Horizonte and has a structure with 4 commercial towers, full of rented office rooms.

4. Nicole Bahls

Nicole Bahls, who managed to escape anonymity thanks to her participation in the extinct Panic program, earned a lot of money in advertising campaigns. However, knowing the vulnerability of her career, the model and influencer invests her fees in the real estate market.

In a 2014 report for the newspaper “O Dia”, in addition to investing in the real estate market, Nicole Bahls invests part of the money she receives in a savings account. Still, the celebrity has already assumed that she is a woman with a closed hand and that she does not spend her rich money on nonsense around.

5. Kleber Bambam

Who doesn't remember Kléber Bambam, the first winner of the Big Brother Brasil program, right? Among all the winners, he is the one who managed to remain the best in the media, even being part of the cast of the extinct program “Didi's gang“, and make a lot of money with his work, but mainly with the BBB award.

Kléber Bambam's investments began when he invested the program's prize money in real estate. With his fame, Bambam charged to be a VIP at parties and the fees went straight to the real estate market. Today, he survives – very well – by renting these properties.

6. Sabrina Sato

And since we're talking about Big Brother Brasil, how about we talk about Sabrina Sato, who we don't even remember her passage through the reality show? As it shouldn't be a mystery to anyone, as soon as she left the program, the presenter managed to earn a lot, becoming a millionaire.

With the money from her work, Sabrina Sato is able to invest what she has left in other even more lucrative businesses. Among them, the franchise network OdontoSpecial and the restaurant cubed fish, in São Paulo, of which he was already a customer. In addition, he also acquired a property valued at 12 million in the Jardins neighborhood, one of the noblest in São Paulo.

7. Leonardo

Another famous investor that had to be on our list of where Brazilian celebrities invest their money is singer Leonardo. With his musical career, he was very successful and, consequently, money – a subject that has not been a concern for him for some time.

Among singer Leonardo's investments, it is almost common knowledge that he has a huge farm. Call of 'Luck charm', it is located in the municipality of Jussara, in Goiás, about 220 km from the state capital, and has about 1,000 hectares. Its main activity is cattle raising, but there is a leisure superstructure, which includes a lake, swimming pool and volleyball court, for example.

8. Leo Chaves

Leo Chaves, from the extinct country duo Victor & Leo, is also an investor in the countryside. He, who followed a solo career after the controversies involving his brother, owns a farm where he invests in Senepol cattle.

But does not stop there! Leo bought a peninsula in a dam 35 km from Uberlândia, MG, where he intends to install an allotment of high standard farms. In addition, it intends to open a franchise of its auction brand, Leilões Paraíso.

9. Gabriela Pugliesi

Gabriela Pugliesi is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial names in the world of influencers. Considered one of the first Brazilian influencers to earn money through social networks, she stayed away from the internet for a long time after being involved in a Controversy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In any case, it is a fact that Gabriela Pugliesi's work on social networks has allowed her to accumulate a millionaire estate. Currently, the influencer owns land in Bahia, where she will build a condominium with 12 luxury residences in order to lease the properties. Furthermore, she recently declared that she became stock exchange trader, that is, that investor who buys and sells shares on the same day.

10. Bruno Gagliasso

Known by Brazilians for his acting, Bruno Gagliasso is not just an actor. In fact, he is quite an entrepreneur! In addition to investing in commercial establishments, such as restaurants and inns, its latest investments are focused on the real estate sector, which already has a market value of R$ 60 million.

Among its most diverse businesses, he owns the inn Maria Bonita, located in Fernando de Noronha, since 2016 and is now building another one on the island, Maria Flor Noronha. In addition, he owns several restaurants, such as the Burguer Joint snack bar and the Forneria Familia Gagliasso, he owns the CFP9 crossfit gym and is a partner in the startups Brave and CredPago.

Apart from information about Bruno Gagliasso and his investments, we come to the final part of our text about where Brazilian celebrities invest their money. Shall we go to the top 5 then? Spoiler: there are even two poster boys for brokers below. Can you guess who they are?

11. Evaristo Costa

Evaristo Costa could not be left out of our list of where Brazilian celebrities invest their money. This is because the journalist and former anchor of Jornal Hoje not only invests his financial income, but also became a poster boy for the brokerage firm. Rico Investimentos.

Evaristo started saving money at the age of 13 without even knowing why he was saving. However, the journalist liked to see the amount growing little by little, not to mention the freedom of being able to buy whatever he wanted with that money.

After a while, he also started buying well-known stocks on the Stock Exchange. As he says, Evaristo has already gone bad, which is normal in the variable income market, but most of the time the return is very good. Finally, in addition to shares, it is also possible to find funds in your portfolio and you stop there.

12. Luciano Huck

There is no one who doesn't know the presenter Luciano Huck! He, who gained national notoriety after becoming a presenter, is in charge of his program Huck's cauldron on Rede Globo since April 8, 2000. That is, there are already 20 years of history on the station alone.

However, what few know is that he is a great business man! No wonder, Luciano Huck is on our list of where Brazilian celebrities invest their money, as the presenter has a very diverse range of investments.

In addition to having its own businesses, such as Joa Investimentos S/A, controlled by him, the presenter invests his financial resources in variable income. In fact, in 2018, he became the poster child for XP Investimentos, one of the largest independent brokerages in Brazil.

13. Galvão Bueno

It's not news to anyone that Galvão Bueno, Brazil's most famous sportscaster, is a millionaire. In fact, he is a former resident of monaco, where there is the most expensive and luxurious market in the world and where he lived for six years. That is, money, for sure, is something he does not lack.

Like most millionaires, Galvão Bueno take good care of your assets and invest part of your financial resources. Among the investments, the narrator already had a production company, was a partner in a Stock Car team and still raises Angus cattle in Porecatu, Paraná. But it was wine that Galvão fell in love with.

He founded Bueno Wines in 2006, which produces wines in the south of the country and also in Italy, and acquired a stake in the largest Brazilian winery, Miolo Wine Group, in 2013. Thus, with so many investments, Galvão could not be left out of the list where Brazilian celebrities invest their money

14. Ivete Sangalo

Winner of the Latin Grammy 3 times and considered one of the greatest Brazilian singers, Ivete Sangalo doesn't just shine in the artistic world. Although people know a little about her life as a businesswoman, the truth is that this side of the singer doesn't arouse as much curiosity in the public as her personal life, for example. It shouldn't, because the Bahian woman is an excellent business woman!

In 1997, Ivete founded the company Caco de Telha Entretenimento, which today is the current IESSI Music Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment groups in Brazil. To give you an idea, the company alone has several business units, more than 250 employees and an annual turnover of more than R$ 80 million.

In addition to investing in her own business, Ivete Sangalo also has other types of investments, such as her own makeup and nail polish line, called Make Up & Love and Beauty & Love, respectively. Still, she is a fixture in the auction world. In 2009, for example, the artist promoted the biggest pregnancy shot in the history of nelore.

15. Tatá Werneck

The quality of Tatá Werneck's comedian is undeniable. It is no coincidence that she has become one of the most admired and sought-after professionals in the market and, as a result, she is earning an excellent income, which is the result of her work.

As it couldn't be otherwise, someone who has a great asset like Tatá Werneck has someone who takes care of his money. At the Save Me channel!, she said that she diversifies her investments and that she leaves only a part of her equity in savings only when she intends to spend it on something in the near future, such as, for example, buying a handbag.

Another interesting detail is that she claims that she also invests in herself, which we couldn't help but agree that this is also a form of investment. After all, nothing brings us more return than studying, right?

In this way, we end our text on where Brazilian celebrities invest their money with this message given by Tatá: invest in yourselves and this will certainly bring your greatest financial return!

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