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Discover all the secrets of the course right now and how it can help you achieve success

Entenda se compensa fazer o curso de manicure e pedicure. Fonte: Freepik
Understand if it pays to take the manicure and pedicure course. Source: Freepik

Thinking about working in hand and foot care? Well, nothing better than taking a complete manicure and pedicure course to stand out in the market.

By the way, it is a very interesting profession, where you can be paid very well, especially if you take a professional manicure and pedicure course that will give you all the necessary foundation.



manicure and pedicure

free course with certificate

Take this course and start making money taking care of people's hands and feet.

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By reading this article, you discover exactly everything that is taught in the online manicure and pedicure course with certificate.

Therefore, if you are thinking about working with this, the ideal is that you are getting to know this course in depth. Keep reading and Mister Panda shows you all the information.

How does the manicure and pedicure course work?

O curso de manicure te entrega tudo que precisa. Fonte: Freepik
The manicure course gives you everything you need. Source: Freepik

Firstly, the manicure and pedicure course is an opportunity for those who have an affinity with customer service and enjoy makeup and personal care.

In addition, many beauty salons have a high demand for these professionals, as more and more people, both men and women, are looking for pedicure and manicure services.

The manicure and pedicure course provides all the foundation you'll need to become a successful professional, who can receive well to take care of people's hands and feet.

Regarding the content you will have access to, this will be explained later. By the way, you will also see how to get the manicure and pedicure course certificate online.



manicure and pedicure

Online course extra income

Take this free course and I earned money being a professional manicurist.

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Who can take this course?

Firstly, the professional manicure and pedicure course can be taken by anyone, if they are 18 years old and have the necessary documents to register on the platform.

The whole process is very simple, after enrolling, you just need to study and learn everything about pedicures and manicures.

What is the course load?

Know that this is a completely free course, that is, you will not need to disburse any real to learn this service.

Therefore, the course lasts 60 hours. After registration is done, you can start studying.

Therefore, the time it will take to finish it depends on your mood.

What is the syllabus of the course?

Basically, if you decide to take the online manicure and pedicure course with a certificate, you will have to study about:

  • How to make hands;
  • Step 1: Removal of old nail polish;
  • Step 2: Definition and adjustment of the format;
  • Step 3: Cuticle removal;
  • Step 4: Hydration;
  • Step 5: Base/glaze application;
  • Step 6: Cleaning;
  • Step 7: Finishing;
  • How to make feet;
  • Step 1: Removal of the old product;
  • Step 2: Definition of nail size and cuts;
  • Step 3: Removal of dead skin;
  • Step 4: Foot hygiene;
  • Step 5: Learn to apply the chosen nail polish or base;
  • Step 6: Cleaning excesses and polishing;
  • Step 7: Finishing;
  • Line art;
  • Francesinha;
  • Half Moon;
  • How to pass extra shine;
  • False nails.

After the complete manicure and pedicure course, you may be issuing the certificate, continue reading and see how to get proof of completion.

Does the free GINEAD manicure and pedicure course have a certificate?

The online manicure and pedicure course, with certificate, has no cost. However, the certificate needs to be paid.

In such a way that this happens, due to the fee for issuing the voucher. The certificate will be sent to your email after you pay the fee of R$39.70.

Even if you have to pay for the certificate, Mister Panda recommends that you buy it. Since it is a way to show that you really have the knowledge and that you successfully completed the course.

How to enroll in the manicure and pedicure course?

Today, for you to be able to take a professional manicure and pedicure course, you can use the GINEAD platform.

To get to this site, it's very simple, just click on the button below.

Then click on the green button to register.

Thus, you will have to register with the company by informing your email and password that you want to create.

With the registration done, you can log in and enroll in the complete manicure and pedicure course.



manicure and pedicure

Profession Independence

Click here to enroll in this course to become a manicurist.

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Why take the manicure and pedicure course at GINEAD?

Most manicure and pedicure courses are face-to-face, requiring you to pay for fuel, hotel accommodation, etc.

However, the course available at GINEAD has none of that and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

The teachers' didactics are great, making you understand the whole procedure in a simple way.

The duration is not very long and if you dedicate yourself, in less than 1 month you can finish the course and request the certificate.

Manicure and pedicure course or senior caregiver course: which is the best training option?

Conheça outros cursos grátis. Fonte: Freepik
Discover other free courses. Source: Freepik

Just as manicures and pedicures are highly valued professionals who can earn well, there are other interesting professions you might be looking for.

For example, the caregiver for the elderly, who will provide all the assistance that the elderly person needs, and may receive up to R$ 2,000.00.

It is a great remuneration and many families have hired this type of professional. Check out the course in this area by clicking the button below.

pessoa com roupa azul

See what the senior caregiver course is like

Get to know all the subjects you will study during the senior caregiver course and see the benefits that this professional receives.

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