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If you dream of pursuing a culinary career, we have great news for you: the cook course can be the first step towards becoming a renowned chef! Check out more information!


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Faça esse curso e aprenda a fazer vários pratos. Fonte: Freepik
Take this course and learn how to make various dishes. Source: Freepik

Are you thinking about working in gastronomy, but don't know where to start? We recommend that you check out the online professional cook course.

With the course you learn all the basics you need to start working with it. Being able to get a job in restaurants and snack bars.


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Study through this free cooking course and get a job in the field.

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In this article, all the programmatic content that you have during the online cook course is demonstrated.

As well as the procedure to obtain the certificate. So all this will be shown in a few minutes. Have a good read.

How does the cook course work?

Tudo isto aprende no curso de cozinheiro. Fonte: Freepik
All this learns in the cook course. Source: Freepik

Imagine learning how to cook delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home! However, with the online cook course, you will have access to the fundamentals of cooking and learn from the basics to advanced techniques.

The course begins by teaching what are the essential equipment in the kitchen and how to use them correctly.

Then, you'll learn how to make precise cuts in meat and prepare dishes efficiently. You will also be taught how to season and cook food. Also, assemble dishes in an elegant and sophisticated way.

With the free cook course, you will have access to all the information you need to become a successful professional.

Don't miss the opportunity to hone your culinary skills and impress your friends and family with delicious, well-prepared dishes.

Keep reading and discover more information about the online cook course! With it, you will transform your kitchen into a true gourmet restaurant.


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Who can take this course?

The gastronomy market can be the best way for you to get a job, no matter your age.

The course teaches you everything you need to be able to work in the area, in a simple and practical way.

In it, you can see everything about cutting meat, seasonings and many other things you will need when you are working after completing the cook course.

What is the course load?

If you want to become a professional cook and gain valuable knowledge in the culinary field, do not miss the opportunity to enroll in our online course.

During the 40 hours of classes, you will have the chance to deepen your knowledge in different contents. Including advanced cooking techniques, food preparation, hygiene and food safety, among others.

What is the syllabus of the course?

There are several subjects that you will have in the course more specifically, they are:

  • Sharpening the senses to learn how to cook;
  • 5 tips to get to the chef;
  • Mandatory equipment in the kitchen of a restaurant;
  • Best knives for restaurant cooking;
  • A cook's utensils;
  • Cookware for cooking;
  • Hygiene at work;
  • Food contamination;
  • Hygiene and food preparation;
  • 10 steps to being a successful cook;
  • Introduction to spices and condiments;
  • Introduction to types of beef cuts;
  • Noble bovine cuts;
  • Types of pork;
  • Sheep meat cuts;
  • Standard cuts used in the kitchen;
  • Cooking sauces;
  • Care in vegan and vegetarian dishes;
  • Vegan recipes;
  • How to assemble a menu;
  • Assembly of dishes and desserts.

In order to lead you to have a complete teaching of basic cooking, helping you to become a well-paid cook.

Does the free Prime Cursos cook course have a certificate?

The online cook course helps you prepare very well for the job market. The certificate will be made available to you, you only need to pay a small fee.

We recommend that you take 3 courses on the platform before applying for the certificate, as you can use a promotion where you pay for 2 certificates and get 3.

The certificate is very important, as it can be used to update your resume and enter the job market with a higher qualification.

How to enroll in the cooking course?

First, you need to register as a student, informing the full name, E-mail and also creating the password.

On the other hand, you can register using your Facebook account or email. Click the button below and go directly to the online professional cook course.

Well, after you access the website and register, you will already have your enrollment in the course completed and you can start studying.

This course has a large number of students and shows you all the details you need to be a top cook.


cook course

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Take the first step to being a professional cook.

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Why take a cook course at Prime Cursos?

Primarily, the online professional cook course helps you to prepare many interesting dishes.

In addition, you can learn to choose the ingredients, seasonings and everything you need to make incredible recipes.

For sure, the course will be of great help if you are thinking of working in a restaurant. As well as opening some trade that sells food products.

Also, this is a great differential on your resume that helps you get a job. Or even get promoted if you are currently employed.

Cook course or senior caregiver course: which is the best training option?

Veja outras áreas além da cozinha. Fonte: Freepik
See areas other than the kitchen. Source: Freepik

If you are thinking of improving your cooking skills, we have a suggestion for you: do some market research before choosing a course.

Get to know all the available options and compare the benefits offered by each one. Do not make a hasty decision, after all, your time and investment must be well spent.

Consider your needs and goals, and choose the course that best suits them. With the right choice, you can achieve success and stand out in the world of gastronomy.

Now if you are looking for a career that can offer good remuneration. Consider the senior caregiver course.

This profession has been standing out in the job market, with many cases of qualified professionals, which can reach R$ 2,000.00.

Check out all the course details by checking out the recommended content below.

mostrando foto ao senhor

Caregiver Course: The chance to win up to R$ 2000

The caregiver course is one of the best for those who need a quick income, this professional earns very well, see what you need to study.

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