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What are the advantages of the Mastercard Travel Credit Card?

Quais as vantagens do Cartão? Fonte: Reprodução/Mastercard
What are the benefits of the Card? Source: Playback/Mastercard

Are you looking for a prepaid credit card that will make your travels easier? Because we know that you need to have some features that make it easy and safe to use your credit card. So how about learning more about the Mastercard Travel credit card?

Because this Mastercard branded prepaid option offers a series of features and specific travel benefits, which can be very advantageous for you! Therefore, whoever has a Mastercard Travel credit card will be able to travel with peace of mind for sure!

In addition, you will have exclusive services, insurance, options for experiences and offers and more convenience when traveling. That way, the credit card can be your best friend when traveling, instead of becoming a risk or an extra headache, right? Because with it you can:

  • Load amounts on your card and use cash more securely than in cash;
  • With your Mastercard travel card, you can check your balance, view your invoice and track your entire purchase history over the internet and even over the phone;
  • You can add money to your card balance directly at the store where you purchased it, or online. 
  • There is also the option of having your salary directly deposited on your Mastercard Travel credit card, bringing you convenience;
  • Contactless payment, that is, without having to enter any password. So you buy safer and easier.

So, how about getting to know even better what are the advantages of the Mastercard Travel card? For your convenience, we have gathered the main ones in a list below.

minimum incomenot required
BenefitsTravel Rewards, Priceless Cities, insurance and assistance in case of theft or loss

How to apply for the Mastercard Travel Card?

Mastercard's prepaid international travel card offers security, benefits and exclusivity in traveler programs. Click and check out how to order yours!

Card perks list

Lista de vantagens cartão
Card perks list
  • Priceless Cities: the program brings together a series of exclusive tips and benefits for you to take advantage of during your trip, and get to know the city where you are even better;
  • Mastercard Travel Rewards: a benefits program through cashback in online and physical establishments, stores and merchants around the world. Thus, you travel with much more economy, just register your Mastercard Travel card on the website;
  • Exclusive assistance service at airports around the world with Airport Concierge. Because with this service you have a person to advise you individually inside the airport, saving your time and energy, in addition to gaining security. In addition, it is available every day in more than 450 destinations worldwide;
  • Mastercard Global Service, a 24-hour assistance service for you to report the loss or theft of your Mastercard Travel card, as well as advice on emergency card replacement and emergency cash advances;
  • In addition, you have the extra benefits of two financial institutions that issue Mastercard cards: Itaú and Confidence Câmbio.

But to make it even better, as we said, you can choose from great options of issuing financial institutions to manage your card. So, in addition to all the Mastercard benefits, you can also count on exclusive advantages from the financial institution you choose.

However, not only advantages make a financial product, right? So stay with us and find out which are the characteristics of the Mastercard Travel credit card that can be disadvantageous for you.

What are the downsides?

Quais as desvantagens?
What are the downsides?

When planning your international trip, some characteristics of a prepaid card must be taken into account so that they do not end up being disadvantageous for you. 

For example, keep in mind that by purchasing a Mastercard Travel credit card you gain in convenience and security. But it may incur high tariff and fee costs for your financial transactions.

Because when buying foreign currency in cash you will pay the conversion fee once. However, when loading foreign currency into your prepaid card balance, you will pay an additional fee, which makes the purchase of foreign currency more expensive.

In addition, when using your card abroad you will pay the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF), of 6,48% on your expenses. But also remember that there may be fees for cash withdrawals depending on the financial institution issuing your Mastercard card,

So, in general, the main disadvantages of applying for a Mastercard Travel credit card are the foreign currency conversion fees directly to the card, and the extra fees when buying or withdrawing money with your card abroad.

But these disadvantages are not exclusive to the Mastercard card, and are generally present in most prepaid cards for international travel. So keep that in mind when weighing the pros and cons of this credit card.

Is Mastercard Travel Credit Card worth it? 

vale a pena? 
it is worth it? 

Overall, the Mastercard Travel credit card is really worth it! Because it brings together all the practicality that a prepaid card can bring to your trip abroad, with all the benefits of security and assistance from Mastercard.

In addition, you have exclusive benefit programs such as Priceless Cities and Travel Rewards, which can bring extra good experiences to your travel itinerary. But there is also the fact that the Mastercard brand is the most accepted around the world, in millions of establishments and ATMs.

In addition, your card will be protected by chip and password, allowing you to shop online or in physical stores with much more security. So, putting all the pros and cons into the balance, we come to the conclusion that having a Mastercard Travel credit card can be really worth it!

However, it is always interesting to do the financial planning of your trip well in advance. This way, you can calculate the extra expenses with the fees and tariffs of your prepaid Mastercard, and know if it will be financially worth it, without getting scared after applying for your card.

So, think carefully and take it easy, always with a good organization of your finances before deciding on a travel card. But if you've done all that and you're absolutely sure that applying for a Mastercard Travel credit card is what you need, read on!

Because we've gathered the information you'll need to have a card to call yours! Then check it out below.

How to get a Mastercard Travel Card?

Como fazer
How to make

The Mastercard Travel Card can be applied for very simply, both online and in person. So, if you prefer to resolve this in person, just go to one of the stores accredited to issue Mastercard cards, in the case of Itaú bank and the Confidence exchange office.

Then, ask the attendant directly for a prepaid Mastercard travel card, informing your personal data, address, etc. Thus, you will leave the store already with your card unlocked in your hands, with the values of the first charge in your balance.

But for those who prefer to place the order completely online, the process is also intuitive and easy. Therefore, access the website of the card issuers – Itaú and Confidence Câmbio – and search for the Mastercard travel card option.

Then, fill in the registration form with your personal data, address, contact information, etc. After that, confirm the request and indicate the amount of money you want to load on the card, and which foreign currency you have chosen.

Finally, your Travel Mastercard credit card will be sent directly to the address you provided when registering online. So, just unlock it through the phone number on the card packaging, providing your personal information.

Now, just start using your card! Very practical, isn't it? 

And so we come to the end of our exclusive article on the Mastercard Travel credit card. So, we hope that now it's easier to decide or not to request yours! But if you're already sure you're going to ask, check out our request post below with a more detailed step-by-step.

How to apply for the Mastercard Travel Card?

Mastercard's prepaid international travel card offers security, benefits and exclusivity in traveler programs. Click and check out how to order yours!

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