Get to know the Porto Seguro car consortium

How about conquering your car with monthly installments, without interest and without down payment? With the Porto Seguro consortium, it is possible. There are several payment plan options that fit in your pocket. Find out how it works by reading our post.


Porto Seguro Consortium: the self-financing of your dreams

Com o consórcio Porto Seguro, você conta com uma opção de autofinanciamento, sem juros, sem entrada, e pode adquirir o automóvel dos seus sonhos. Fonte: Porto Seguro.
With the Porto Seguro consortium, you have a self-financing option, without interest, without down payment, and you can purchase the car of your dreams. Source: Porto Seguro.

Tired of looking so hard for a good financing option? In fact, what you need is a self-funding option, with no down payment and no interest. This is the main proposal of the Porto Seguro automobile consortium. Even though it is an insurance company, the company also acts strongly as a consortium administrator. 

In this context, Porto Seguro offers plans of up to 80 months to pay for the credit granted and also accepts negative ones. Thinking of you, who can no longer depend on crowded buses and subways, we have prepared an article with all the details about the Porto Seguro car consortium. 

Be sure to check out the information below!

Minimum Incomenot informed
Interest rateExempt
Deadline to payUp to 80 months
release periodUninformed
Consortium ValueR$25 thousand to R$125 thousand
Do you accept negatives?Uninformed
BenefitsHigh credit values, installments of R$461, payment via credit card
Consortium characteristics

How to apply for Porto Seguro car consortium

With the Porto Seguro car consortium, you have high credit values, installments from R$461, payment via credit card. Apply!

How does the Porto Seguro car consortium work?

Afinal, como funciona o consórcio? Fonte: Adobe Stock.
After all, how does the consortium work? Source: Adobe Stock.

The consortium is a purchase modality that has a lot of tradition in Brazil, however many people accumulate doubts about the subject. What are the interest rates, fees and other things are among the main uncertainties of the Brazilian consumer public.

In summary, the consortium works as a group purchase, but each participant buys the good they want individually. For this, the consortium administrator forms groups to set up a self-financing system.

To make this possible, all participants make monthly payments based on the total value of the car they want. Therefore, each month it is possible to buy a car for one of the participants. 

However, to impose this organization on payments and management of the fund, the consortium needs a managing agent. It is at this point that Porto Seguro enters.

The company is responsible for creating consortium groups, receiving payments and carrying out monthly contemplations. In this context, Porto Seguro contemplates in two main ways:

  • Contemplation via draw: a random participant wins the letter of credit;
  • Contemplation via bid: the participant who made the highest bid receives the letter of credit.

From the moment you are contemplated, it becomes possible to choose any good that is available on the market. However, an important detail is that this choice cannot differ from the consortium category.

Another advantage that the letter of credit offers is the negotiation power due to the amount available for the cash purchase. Therefore, it is very easy to get discounts and even buy a better product than expected.

What is the limit of the Porto Seguro consortium?

Porto Seguro forms car consortium groups that can self-finance from R$25 thousand to R$125 thousand for the purchase of vehicles. The installments, in turn, are quite low: from R$461. 

Therefore, the limit and payments are very accessible so that the administrator can reach virtually all levels of consumers.

Porto Seguro Advantages

You can already see that Porto Seguro has some really interesting advantages, but looking a little deeper, it is possible to highlight the following:

  • Values from R$25 thousand to R$125 thousand. These can be paid up to 80x;
  • Plans with installments from R$461.77 until you have the keys in hand;
  • No entry, no interest and with differentiated rates;
  • Payment of installments by Credit Card.

We believe, like the company, that these are the most positive points that the administrator offers to its customers. Apart from these, it is still possible to point out some issues of good service, accessibility, without bureaucracy, among other things. 

Main features of Porto Seguro

The flexibility of using the letter of credit is one of the points that also add very positively to this consortium. Here there is no limitation regarding model, brand or other specifications. 

This is because the good chosen in the contract serves only as a reference for the value of the letter of credit, so you receive the equivalent value of it. 

Therefore, after contemplation, the consortium member can choose any brand or model of vehicle he wants, whether small, medium or large. 

For whom the consortium is indicated

The main requirement, not only from Porto Seguro but from all consortiums, is that the contractor must be of legal age. In other words, only those over 18 years of age can purchase service quotas.

In this sense, if you are of legal age and want to buy your first car, it is essential to go after the best Porto Seguro consortium option.

How to make a Porto Seguro car consortium?

Acesse o site da Porto Seguro, faça uma simulação e veja como é simples contratar seu consórcio. Fonte: Pexels.
Access the Porto Seguro website, do a simulation and see how simple it is to hire your consortium. Source: Pexels.

To join the Porto Seguro consortium, you must access the website and perform a contract simulation right away. From then on, the system will ask for your data and the company will contact you, most often via email. 

Also, to learn more about the application process, read our recommended content below.

How to apply for Porto Seguro car consortium

With the Porto Seguro car consortium, you have high credit values, installments from R$461, payment via credit card. Apply!

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