Get to know the Embracon automobile consortium

Embracon spares no effort to make its customers' dreams come true. With the Embracon consortium, the customer makes a planned purchase and can acquire his dream car without interest. Learn more by reading our article.


Embracon Consortium: acquire your brand new car without paying any interest

Confira como funciona o consórcio de automóveis Embracon e conheça todas as suas vantagens. Fonte: Embracon.
Check out how the Embracon car consortium works and learn about all its advantages. Source: Embracon.

Nowadays we all know that there are several different ways to buy a new car and in this sense it is very important to evaluate which is the best way. The first is to add the total amount and make the purchase in cash or even opt for financing. However, this turns out to be bad for most people who don't have that many resources. Therefore, the Embracon automobile consortium is a good option.

Thus, it figures as the best and most viable option for all people who want to buy their first brand new car or trade in a semi-new one. This is because this type of programmed purchase has no bureaucracy or interest payments. On the other hand, the installments fit in your pocket and you can still opt for long terms.

See now how the Embracon consortium works!

Minimum Incomenot informed
Interest rateExempt
Deadline to payUninformed
release periodUninformed
Consortium ValueUninformed
Do you accept negatives?Uninformed
BenefitsZero interest and several car models available
Consortium characteristics

How to apply for the Embracon car consortium

With the Embracon automobile consortium, you can buy your new car without paying interest. Find out how to hire him here.

How does the Embracon consortium work?

Como funciona o consórcio Embracon? Fonte: Adobe Stock.
How does the Embracon consortium work? Source: Adobe Stock.

In the foreground, it is necessary to bear in mind that acquiring a new car is a high-value purchase. Furthermore, it is a decision that must be well planned. So, before entering a consortium, be well planned financially.

In summary, Embracon is an administrator authorized by the Central Bank (BC) to form a consortium with groups of people who want to buy a car. It is worth remembering that for this group and consortium plan to exist, it is necessary to complete a minimum amount of people. Thus, a car is raffled off each month. This is subject to payments.

In this sense, only when the group reaches a certain number of participants will the consortium members start paying the monthly installments. At the same time, each month, at least one member of the group wins a car raffle or acquires a letter of credit to buy their car.

Drawing is the first form of contemplation. The second possibility is to offer bids to try to acquire the letter of credit without the need for a lottery. Well, in that case, whoever makes the highest monthly bid wins.

What is the limit of the Embracon Consortium?

Currently, Embracon's automobile consortium is quite robust, offering personalized credit values so that everyone can buy their car. It is worth remembering that, obviously, these values depend on the profile of each client and can only be consulted in the simulation.

Embracon Advantages

There are many consortiums on the market, but Embracon offers some very interesting advantages, such as:

  • Zero interest in the Embracon consortium: Embracon does not charge interest in providing its services as a consortium fund manager. Therefore, your customers do not have a headache with abusive payments;
  • Dynamic payments: at the time of the contract, the customer has the right to choose all the payment terms that make sense for him. From the total amount to the payment term, everything is in your hands;
  • Amount fully shared: Embracon does not require any down payments for the consortium member to purchase their asset, so the cost of the car is paid in full in installments;
  • Discounts on purchases: when receiving contemplation through the letter of credit, it is possible to obtain many discounts and advantages in the purchase negotiation due to cash payment.

Main features of Embracon

With the Embracon automobile consortium, it is free for its customers, all car models are available for purchase at the time of contemplation. Especially because, even if the car is in the consortium plan, it is often only there because of its price.

For whom the consortium is indicated

Para quem o consórcio é indicado. Fonte: Adobe Stock.
For whom the consortium is indicated. Source: Adobe Stock.

Officially, there are no restrictions to participate in the Embracon consortium. The only rule is that interested parties must be 18 years or older at the time of hiring.

How to make an Embracon consortium?

The application process is quite simple, just go to the official Embracon website and do an instant simulation with the amounts consistent with what you can pay. After that, the system itself will offer the hiring through contact by email.

It's worth remembering that doing financial planning is important right now. That is, if you don't have the money to pay the monthly payments, you won't get the car. Also, learn more about the application process in the recommended content below.

How to apply for the Embracon car consortium

With the Embracon automobile consortium, you can buy your new car without paying interest. Find out how to hire him here.

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