How to apply for a payroll loan

Find out how to apply for the Caixa payroll loan, with direct payroll deduction and without the need for a guarantor. Plus, take advantage of great credit conditions. Check out!


Consigned cash: loan with hiring without bureaucracy

Então, saiba como solicitar este empréstimo. Fonte: Caixa.
So, find out how to apply for this loan. Source: Box.

First, the payroll loan is requested in numerous ways. However, it is only available to INSS beneficiaries and civil servants. In addition, employees of private companies associated with Caixa can also take advantage of this.

It is important to point out that being a Caixa customer also favors the request, in addition to receiving the salary from the bank. That is, before requesting, the tip is to do the portability! However, consult the company beforehand.

Also, check out how to apply for this loan. Follow!



Payroll Box

low interest No guarantor

Reduced interest rate with installments debited from the payroll.

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Order online

Mas, que tal solicitar sem sair de casa? Fonte: pxhere
But how about asking without leaving home? Source: pxhere

First, do the simulation on the Payroll Cash loan page. Thus, you will be able to know the number of installments and the interest rate based on the total amount desired. If you happen to be an employee of a private company, first check the available margin with HR, as well as whether there is an agreement with Caixa.

In addition, Caixa customers can apply via internet banking or an application. In view of this, it is enough to fill out the required forms with personal data, in addition to proving income with photos of documents. Thus, the bank will carry out the credit analysis before approval.

Finally, the money is released into the chosen account. However, do not forget to follow the installments being deducted from the payroll.

Request via phone

It is not possible to apply for a loan over the phone. However, contact the Caixa Assistance Center. It is certainly the right channel to answer questions or contest installments, for example. See the numbers below:

  • 4004 0104 (capitals and metropolitan areas);
  • 0800 104 0104 (other regions).

Request by app

Certamente, o aplicativo é ideal para solicitações urgentes. Fonte: Caixa.
Certainly, the app is ideal for urgent requests. Source: Box.

This request is only allowed for Caixa account holders who have already released the banking application. After that, look for the loan area and proceed with the request. Also, wait for the credit analysis and get the answer in one of the indicated channels. Certainly, it will take a few days to have the answer and the money released.

BMG loan or payroll loan: which one to choose?

How about knowing another option, so that the decision taken is effective? So, check out the comparison with another payroll option. Likewise, get a payroll discount and cash release within 24 hours. However, in the BMG payroll loan, the money falls even earlier in some cases.

BMG PayrollPayroll Box
Minimum Incomenot informednot informed
Interest rate1.80% per monthnot informed
Deadline to payUp to 96 monthsUninformed
Where to use the creditPayment of debts;
Vacation travel.
Settlement of financial debts;
Investment in a new business.
BenefitsRelease in a short time;
Direct discount on the payroll;
Low interest rate.
Reduced interest rate;
Payroll discount;
No guarantor.
But in the end, which is the best?

How to apply for the BMG loan

Check out how to apply for the BMG payroll loan with a long term for payment, reduced interest rate and quick release.

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