How to apply for the Caixa Internacional card

Dreaming of applying for your first credit card, how about getting to know the Caixa Internacional card? Find information about it here and learn how to request it.


International Cashier: request and enjoy all the advantages

Portanto, solicite o cartão Caixa Internacional e tenha acesso à vantagens e benefícios exclusivos. Fonte: Caixa.
Therefore, apply for the Caixa Internacional card and access exclusive advantages and benefits. Source: Box.

The Caixa Internacional card is one of Caixa's main cards. Primarily intended for audiences with a preference for international coverage. In addition, it is full of advantages and functions.

In other words, with the Caixa Internacional card, customers will have access to Visa or Mastercard. In addition, you can make interest-free purchases in installments from partners. As well as participating in the Caixa Points Program.

So, in today's post Mr Panda will show you the benefits of the card and how to make your request. So, keep reading and check out the step-by-step we prepared for you.


Credit card

International Box

International Visa/Mastercard

Exclusive installment plan, international coverage, Caixa Points Program.

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Order online

Afinal, como solicitar o cartão? Fonte: Pexels.
After all, how to apply for the card? Source: Pexels.

Firstly, Caixa does not offer card requests on its website. That is, different from some options available on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to go to a bank branch or correspondent to request the card.

Request via phone

In addition, customers can rely on the Caixa Call Center almost 24 hours a day. However, it is only possible to ask questions and request information.

Request by app

Likewise, the Caixa Econômica Federal app can be used to manage the Caixa account and cards. Thus, the bank application has numerous functions, except for the card request.

Therefore, to request the Caixa Internacional card, you must go to a branch or nearest bank correspondent. Therefore, please have the following documents at hand:

  • Identity;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of income;
  • Proof of address.

Caixa Simples card or Caixa Internacional card: which one to choose?

Finally, do you still have questions about the Caixa Internacional card? So, check out this comparison that we have prepared for you. Therefore, here we also present the characteristics of the Caixa Simples card, an excellent bank option that can meet your profile. Check and choose the best option.

Simple BoxInternational Box
AnnuityExempt12x of R$ 17.25
minimum incomenot informednot informed
FlagLinkMastercard or Visa
BenefitsNo consultation with credit protection bodiesCaixa points program
card features

How to apply for Caixa Simples card

The Caixa Simples card has ZERO annuity, international coverage and does not require consultation with the SPC/SERASA. Find out how to apply here.

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