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How to enroll in the Smiling Brazil Program

With the Brasil Sorridente Program, you have access to several free dental treatments, as long as they are available in your city. Want to know how to sign up? So, read the post and check it out!


Learn how to participate in the program and guarantee free dental treatment

Did you know that the Federal Government together with SUS offers the Brasil Sorridente Program? That's right! It serves to bring dental treatments to people who cannot afford them. Therefore, it is a free program that helps to improve the quality of life of Brazilians.

Want to know how to sign up? So, read on and check it out!





See how to access the program and secure your spot in the free treatment.

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Many people have doubts about the possibility of having free dental treatment.

And, in our country, this can be done through the Brasil Sorridente Program. As these are procedures related to public health, this is another offer made by the SUS. 

Who can enroll in the program?

Thus, all Brazilians have the right to request dental care through this project. Therefore, all people who find it difficult to pay for dental treatment have the right to request this free service through the SUS. 

However, there are gaps left in the program, since the type of care and treatment influences the time the patient must wait to receive care.

However, the priority service is for low-income families, with treatment and due care to solve problems, from the simplest to the most urgent.

How do I register for the Brasil Sorridente Program?

Afinal, como participar do programa? Fonte: Pexels.
After all, how to participate in the program? Source: Pexels.

To register for the program, it is necessary to check the place where the services are taking place, to make sure that it is available in your municipality. To do this, just go to a health center or a service unit and check availability. 

However, it is worth noting that you must have your SUS card in hand, providing all the necessary information to the professionals who are providing care. 

To make sure that the free service is provided in your municipality, it is necessary to go through the first consultation, by prior appointment. If there is a need, the professional will refer you to perform surgeries or specific care.

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