Magalu Card or Digio Card: which one to choose?

Between the Magalu card or the Digio card, which one can offer free annuity, international purchases, cashback and much more? Find out now!


Magalu x Digio: find out which is the best!

Cartão Magalu ou cartão Digio: qual a opção ideal? Fonte: Pxhere.
Magalu card or Digio card: which is the ideal option? Source: Pxhere.

When choosing a credit card, why not consider the Magalu card or Digio card and have an ally to organize your financial life and pay for international purchases?

Both cards give exclusive discounts, do not charge annuity and even have cashback, that is, each purchase the customer earns part of the money back, which is very economical, isn't it?

Undoubtedly, they are cards full of advantages, with few differences, as both require credit analysis, good score, can be used for international purchases and payments in installments in thousands of establishments.

Finally, we found some card differences that could be crucial to your choice, so stick with us and decide between the Magalu card or the Digio card today. Let's go!

How to apply for the Magalu card

Cashback, zero annuity and exclusive discounts in stores, in addition to the Gold Customer, when you take products for free. Know more!

How to apply for the Digio card

No annuity, membership fee or monthly fee, with the chance to join the points club and get cashback on every purchase!

Magalu carddigital card
Minimum IncomeR$ 800.00not informed
BenefitsBuy with discounts at Magalu stores, but also at other
Make payments in stores abroad and also online
Don't pay annuity and still have cashback
Get exclusive discounts at any Magalu store
One of the only ones that does not charge annuity, membership fee or monthly fee
Join the points club and exchange for products or miles
Withdraw at any ATM on the Banco24h network
Get cashback on every credit purchase
But in the end, which one to choose?

Magalu card

Since the Magalu card has numerous benefits for customers, the high demand has made the card also a great option for any purchase on credit.

This means that with this card you won't pay an annual fee, you'll have a credit card with international purchases, you'll get exclusive discounts in stores and, moreover, you won't have to worry about interest on installment payments.

Once you've paid in 24 installments, you won't pay interest on invoices, for example, unless you delay payment. From the same point of view, the Magalu customer can also follow all the movement in a facilitated digital account and at no cost.

Furthermore, it is a digital wallet that can be used as a regular credit card, but with the benefits of always paying cheaper for Magalu products, such as being a Gold Customer.

digital card

Since the Digio card is one of the cheapest in the modality, it also offers cashback, club points and discounts at partner stores, which in the long run generates a lot of savings, doesn't it?

Undoubtedly, the cost of this card is much lower compared to others, after all, it does not charge interest on the revolving credit card, annuity, membership fee or any monthly fee. However, it requires a detailed credit analysis, with a rather long arrival time.

In addition, customers can make withdrawals on the Banco24h networks, paying a fee whenever there is a transaction, that is, it is also useful in emergencies.

After all, the Digio card can offer subscription payments, such as Netflix and Spotify, international purchases and installments, with the possibility of return through accumulated points and cashback!

What are the advantages of the Magalu card?

Saiba mais detalhes sobre o cartão Magalu. Fonte: Magalu.
Find out more details about the Magalu card. Source: Magalu.

In any case, the Magalu card makes customers' purchases much cheaper through daily discounts and the Gold Customer, who always offers one or more products for free in large quantities, so see more benefits below.

  • Pay no annual fee or any monthly fee;
  • Receive, in the Magalu digital wallet, all cashback from purchases;
  • Join the deal club with up to 10% off purchases;
  • Install your purchases in up to 24 interest-free installments;
  • Get discounts at partner stores, such as Zattini, Época Cosméticos and Netshoes.

What are the advantages of the Digio card?

Conheça as vantagens do cartão Digio. Fonte: Digio.
Know the advantages of the Digio card. Source: Digio.

Once you order the Digio card, you will have access to several advantages such as the non-payment of some fees, club points, cashback and much more. So, check out other benefits of “azulzinho” below.

  • Participate in Vai de Visa, where you accumulate points, but also join the Digio card club;
  • With cashback, you get cash back on every credit card payment;
  • Revolving interest? Here you will not pay any;
  • Withdraw at any ATM in the Banco24h network, for a fee;
  • Get up to 60% discount at Digio card partner stores.

What are the disadvantages of the Magalu card?

Although it has numerous advantages, the Magalu card is not interesting for those with a low score or dirty name, for example, since it requires a detailed credit analysis and may not be approved.

Since some store cards do not have bank accounts, this one does, so it forces the customer to open an account, which may not be interesting. In addition, the cashback is only valid when shopping at Magalu stores, not at other establishments.

What are the disadvantages of the Digio card?

What draws the most attention among the disadvantages is the delay in the arrival of the card. This means that between the request, analysis and release of the credit, the customer can wait up to thirty days, according to information from some customers.

Finally, emergency withdrawals must also be paid, that is, with each withdrawal you will pay monthly fees of 7.90% + the IOF defined at that time, so it is important to pay attention.

Magalu Card or Digio Card: which one to choose?

Cartão Magalu ou Cartão Digio: conseguiu decidir? Fonte: Pxhere.
Magalu Card or Digio Card: did you manage to decide? Source: Pxhere.

Whether you like it or not, it's hard to choose between the Magalu card or the Digio card, isn't it?

This is because a card comes from a store, which is extremely beneficial for paying in interest-free installments and also getting purchases at a much lower price than if you didn't have a credit card.

On the other hand, the Digio card is wide, with a free digital bank account, points and cashback program, with contactless card, without annuity, that is, order online and pay nothing.

Furthermore, as both cards have similar profiles, it is necessary to take into account whether you usually buy a lot in Magalu stores to arrive at the conclusion which one to order, for sure!

So, don't worry if you haven't decided yet, as below we've prepared another detailed comparison to help you decide, so just click!

Pagbank card or Magalu card?

Check out cheap, no-fee options that can generate cash back for users.

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