Itaucard Click Visa Platinum credit card: how it works

See how the Itaucard Click Visa Platinum credit card works, with annuity waiver, international coverage, easy approval and discounts at various partners. Check out!


Itaucard Click Visa Platinum Card: exclusive discounts with bank partners

Mas, afinal, como funciona o cartão? Fonte: Itaú.
But, after all, how does the card work? Source: Itaú.

So, the Itaucard Click Visa Platinum card is a financial product with quick approval, with no annual fee and discounts at various partners, such as Magazine Luiza, Netshoes and Abastece Aí. So, to know a little more about this card, read on.

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BenefitsDiscounts with partners such as Magazine Luiza, Netshoes and Abastece Aí
50% discount on cultural events and registered products
custom application
Annuity Exemption
iupp points program
But, after all, what are the features of the card?

How to apply for Itaucard Click Visa Platinum card

Learn how to apply for your Itaucard Click Visa Platinum card with an exclusive application, international Visa brand, discounts and iupp points program.

Advantages Itaucard Click Visa Platinum

So, the Itaucard Click Visa Platinum card has several advantages, for example, when applying for the card you don't have to worry about the annual fee, as it is totally exempt.

And, in addition, from the third month that you are using it, you can ask for an increase in the limit, as long as you are paying the invoices on the due date and that your name is clean.

In addition, you also get access to Itaucard's personalized application to track all your card movements, invoices, online expenses, as well as access to discounts and various other functions.

Plus, you can register your card with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay without paying anything to start paying by approach using just your cell phone or your watch. 

And, in addition, you can also generate your virtual card to make purchases, with all the security and convenience you deserve.

Among other advantages, you also have medical assistance, discounts at restaurants, discounts at luxury hotels, car and luggage insurance, access to partnerships and even 50% discount at cinemas, such as Kinoplex, Itaú Cinemas and Playarte.

Main features of Itaucard Click Visa Platinum

Mas, afinal, quais são as principais características do cartão? Fonte: Pexels.
But, after all, what are the main features of the card? Source: Pexels.

Well, the Itaucard Click Visa Platinum card is a credit card issued by Itaú bank, considered one of the best today.

Thus, it has a Visa flag and also offers all the advantages that this flag provides, such as insurance for rental cars, travel assistance, as well as the Vai de Visa program that gives you access to various discounts on courses, health plans, among others. other products and services.

Furthermore, the initial limit for this card is around R$1 thousand, depending on the credit analysis and criteria that will be used by the institution.

Therefore, it is a card full of interesting features, always aiming at the best for Itaú customers.

Who the card is for

Mas, afinal, quem pode solicitar o cartão? Fonte: Pexels.
But, after all, who can apply for the card? Source: Pexels.

Therefore, the card is suitable for all Itaú bank account holders or for anyone looking for a personalized card.

And, in addition, you are looking for a card that offers various discounts and partnerships, as well as an annuity waiver program.

So, to learn more about this card, click on the recommended content below.

Discover the Itaucard Click Visa Platinum card

Discover the international Itaucard Click Visa Platinum credit card, free of annual fees and with 50% discounts in cinemas.

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