Credit card I want money: what is I want money?

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Credit card I want money

Cartão de crédito Eu quero grana: o que é o Eu quero grana? Imagem: Folha Go
Credit card I want money: what is I want money? Image: Folha Go

So, the credit card I want money is an ideal card option for INSS retirees and pensioners looking for a secure card, with no annuity or maintenance fees, a deadline for payment of purchases in up to 45 days and several other advantages!

Today, we are going to show you another useful information about this card! Check out!

How to apply for a card I want money

Do you want to learn how to apply for the card I want money with fast and secure release? Then continue reading to learn the step by step!

minimum incomeUninformed
BenefitsDeadline for payment of purchases within 45 days
Exemption from annuity or maintenance fees
Security and Transparency
Revolving interest rates of a maximum of 3.06% interest per month
A lot more

Advantages I want money

Cartão de crédito Eu quero grana: o que é o Eu quero grana? Imagem: Folha Go
Credit card I want money: what is I want money? Image: Folha Go

So, the first advantage of this card is that it works like a payroll credit card, that is, credit card installments are deducted directly from the benefit sheet or paycheck.

Therefore, it is an ideal card for INSS retirees or pensioners who need a card that offers security, transparency and benefits such as:

Firstly, it is a card that has the Mastercard brand and international coverage, that is, you can use it for purchases in Brazil and in international stores.

And besides, it is free of annuity or maintenance fees and the revolving interest rates are a maximum of 3,06% of interest per month! It saves a lot, right?

Another advantage is that you don't pay late payment fines and you can even withdraw up to 70% from your limit on Banco 24 Horas networks!

Therefore, the credit card I want money is the ideal card if you are looking for a card that will help you save by spending money!

Main Features of I Want Money

Well, the I want money card is a card created to provide the best service and care for INSS pensioners and retirees.

That's because, it has all the security, practicality and accessibility so that these people can enjoy great benefits.

Plus, you can withdraw up to 70% from the BMG Card credit limit to your account with fees starting at 2.7% per month on the withdrawal amount, and the charge will be posted on the next invoice!

Who the card is for

Cartão de crédito Eu quero grana: o que é o Eu quero grana? Imagem: Simões filho online
Credit card I want money: what is I want money? Image: Simões Filho online

So, as it is a payroll card, it is indicated for INSS pensioners and retirees, as the invoice is deducted directly from the payroll or from the INSS benefit.

So apply for your credit card today I want money! But if you are in doubt, in the recommended content below, we bring you a post with even more information about this card! So check it out.

Meet the credit card I want money

Get to know the Eu Quero Grana credit card and see if this card is what you need right now! Ah, he has unique conditions! Check out!

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